People all the way through this lifecycle is always juggling with some key factors which are: economy, space, time and the vital moment they find themselves in. This story added to this factors gave birth to the “Premium Casero”.

This “Premium Casero” is a person that is a good host either inside or outside his space knowing perfectly how and in what to spend the money he has to live the experience he want to live; he is curious and he know where to find what he wants; he is social and creative, he puts a bit of his soul in every creation he makes.

After a more deep research we found out more and we discovered that we is pretty persuasive in what he wants of believes, he is committed to his community and he has a purpose about his context; they create community and they see the difference as an opportunity.

But this was not the most important thing we found on the research as we discovered something really deep about this people and it is that they all had had a moment of “disruption”. This moment was a trip, a health problem, a new job, a new opportunity… They all had a moment on their life that shaped them into this new “Premium Casero” personalities we found.

The one that needs to have it everything under control (Planner), the “Family first” guy, the one that needs to figure out the story of every product they buy (Spiritual) or the one that is full with ideas but he leads someone else to organize the experience (Ideador) which is generally the (Helper) that figures out what and how to organize things…

All this archetypes are a new way to see consumer as people. Are a new way to discover the truth of what really makes us who we are and makes us realize the very sense of all of them so we can use them to approach them in a different and more meaningful way.

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