As I was writing about the Nostalgia of Yugoslavia, I had the chance to listen to a very popular song that says: “Memories are like a small box, we need to open it everyday”. It made me realize how memory is the most powerful tool that can help us being happy and get emotional everyday.

When I asked X how he gets inspirations for his everyday activities he answered me: I get inspired by my memories. So, once again, the concept of memory came back. In this case he meant that his own memories, even those of his childhood, remind him of what made him feel good. It was such an interesting answer that we tried to get deeper and it helped us to find out that many of both our daily activities and more occasional ones, are inherited from our history.

Another person that we interviewed answered that she keeps playing cards as she used to do with her grandpa, underlining that it wasn’t just because of the act itself but as well for the emotions and memories that come along.

All this thing about memory though, isn’t just about inspirations and getting nostalgic and emotional: memories tells us who we are, where we come from and most of all helps us shaping ourselves and having a particular impact on the others. What I’m saying is that our memories and our future are strongly linked and that sometimes we forget about that or we simply don’t think about it. Trying to look back might be extremely helpful, it really makes us understand why we chose to do what we did, why we like certain things or not, how we chose to be surrounded by a specific typology of people and eventually to have a bigger self awareness. Having a stronger conscience has nothing to do with mindfulness, meditation, yoga or being intellectual. I strongly believe that some words can really sidetrack us, and that many people see them as a strong ideology or life philosophy not to consider. We are talking about our own history, our sweetest or most bitter memories.

Being inspired by our past can make us extremely creative: let’s imagine if we try to remake something we used to do or something a member of our family would do; If we are “lucky” enough we can repeat the same exact steps and actions while if it’s not possible then we might just going after an emotion and we put a (huge) effort by trying to adapt it to our context. The result might be so good or even better of the one we had in our mind that we generate amazing things. But every single changes we make are the result of a deep understanding of our past and mostly of our present.

The girl that still plays cards knows she can’t do exactly what she used to do while playing with her grandpa. She had to adapt to her friends that at the very beginning thought that playing cards was an old people thing. She used her imagination by inventing a new game just to please her friends and to be happy herself. Every Sunday they gather, they have a beer and they play cards.